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31,77 EUR*
Details Skullcandy Headphone Smokin Buds inkl. Mikrofon, white, S2SBDW-075

Smokin' Buds are not the musical journey itself. They're more like a ticket to ride.The masses have been high on these lil smokies for years now. This year's crop is no different. In terms of quality and price, Smokin Buds leave non-Skullcandy ear ...

6,01 EUR*
Details Moment Musical Pensee Musicale Opus 94 N. 4 Pour

Musical Category : pianofortenouvelle edition revue par i. philipp

32,49 EUR*
Details Our Musicals, Ourselves: A Social History of the American Musical Theater

Our Musicals, Ourselves The first comprehensive social history of the American musical theater, this social history will appeal to both students and fans of Broadway. Full description

11,11 EUR*
Details Pentagrama Llenguatge Musical Elemental: Pentagrama I Llenguatge Musical Elemental Acompanyament: Acompanyaments pianístics i Solucionari. Grau ... I Llenguatge Musical Acompanyament, Band 1)

Descripción: Método de Lenguaje Musical, estructurado en cuatro volúmenes, que cubren el currículum correspondiente al Grado Elemental de forma amena y a la vez rigurosa. Discípulos y profesores encontrarán en PENTAGRAMA los contenidos ...

41,84 EUR*
Details Theory of Musical Narrative (Musical Meaning and Interpretation)

Byron Almen proposes an original synthesis of approaches to musical narrative from literary criticism, semiotics, historiography, musicology, and music theory, resulting in a significant critical reorientation of the field. This volume includes an ...

9,95 EUR*
Details Musikalische Momente Sound Machine - Musical Moments Soundmachine Soundmaschine musical Sound Maschine

Ob in der Schule. Die Musikalische Momente Soundmaschine macht gerade dort jederzeit eine glänzende Figur und passt perfekt zum jeweiligen Funktions- und Lebensumfeld. Die Musical Moments Sound Machine Sound Effects ist eine besondere Aufmerksamkeit ...

54,53 EUR*
Details Musical Imaginations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Creativity, Performance, and Perception

Musical Imaginations Musical imagination and creativity are amongst the most abstract and complex aspects of musical behaviour. This book is a wide ranging, multidisciplinary review of the latest theory and research on musical creativity, performance ...

15,29 EUR*
Details Intonations rythmiques Volume 2 - Education Musicale

Musical Category : educazione musicale mesures composées